Source code for pde.solvers

Solvers define how a PDE is solved, i.e., how the initial state is advanced in time.

.. autosummary::

.. codeauthor:: David Zwicker <> 

from typing import List

from .controller import Controller
from .explicit import ExplicitSolver
from .implicit import ImplicitSolver
from .scipy import ScipySolver

    from .explicit_mpi import ExplicitMPISolver
except ImportError:
    # MPI modules do not seem to be properly available
    ExplicitMPISolver = None  # type: ignore

[docs]def registered_solvers() -> List[str]: """returns all solvers that are currently registered Returns: list of str: List with the names of the solvers """ from .base import SolverBase return SolverBase.registered_solvers # type: ignore
__all__ = [ "Controller", "ExplicitSolver", "ImplicitSolver", "ScipySolver", "registered_solvers", ]